Huskie Holidays

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A fresh snowfall sparkles around the newly frozen lagoon

And a tranquil calm settles across campus.

Students huddle around the fireplaces inside Neptune;

Others gratefully sip cups of cocoa at the student center.

Those riding heated busses, a haven from the crisp December air,

Watch as fellow Huskies brave the chill to playfully throw snowballs outside the dorms.



What are your memories of the Huskie Holidays you've spent at NIU? Share them with us!

Submit your memories of the winters you spent in our very own winter wonderland, and we will post them here so we can all take a stroll down memory lane together.


From our Huskie Family to yours, Happy Holidays!



So proud of the Huskies in the New Year’s Day Orange Bowl!  I even wore my Huskies T-shirt that I bought in 1969. My husband Lawrence was a cheerleader at NIU football games from 1967-1969.

-Dr. Carol Ann F. Olson, Class of 1969


We met on May 13, 1971 at NIU and got married on December 30, 197. This holiday we celebrated our 40th anniversary together.

-Catherine and Kenneth Cross, Class of 1971 & 1972


We have enjoyed the music programs presented by NIU staff over the years!

-Christine Batalden, Friend of NIU


I bet many of my Huskie Holiday Memories to come will be about the ORANGE BOWL!

-Russel H. Heck, Class of 1973


The message on this card brought back wonderful memories of NIU! Great picture and wording!

 -Kathryn Hayes, Class of 1979


I remember watching Huskie basketball games at the Evans Field House from ’76 –’80!

-Steve P. De Spain, Class of 1980


Go Huskies! Congratulations on the Bowl Bid! I remember walking in the winter to my off-campus residence after swim class when the wind was fierce and the temperature was -25 degrees. Upon arrival, my hair was frozen solid. This explains my retirement in Arizona!

-Charlotte Kraus, Class of 1966



My Huskie Holiday memory is enjoying watching NIU Huskie football in November.

-Karen R. Blackwood, Class of 1991


Staying on campus after finals in December 1982, when the Huskies played in the California Bowl—and won!!

 -Janet L. Fullmer, Class of 1984


My memories are of freezing as I walked across the campus in winter!

 -Marjorie A. Anderson, Class of 1969


Congrats to NIU Football Team—Go Huskies 2012!

 -Marita Joyce Johnson, Class of 1969


Our dorm room tree came from the drug store in town. We used Salerno “Jingles”, now called “Santa’s Favorites” and paper snowflakes to decorate. We made a chain of popcorn and fresh cranberries—no one warned us how sore our fingers would be! It hurt to poke that needle through! We exchanged small presents with our friends on the 4th floor of Stevenson South. At that time, finals came after the holidays, so we enjoyed some tender Christmas fun before leaving for home.

 -Dolores Horazy-Gawel, Class of 1974



I've experienced many winters on the NIU campus. One of my favorites was during the winter of either 1994 or 1995. At the time I lived on Greek Row in the Sigma Sigma Sigma house. We were all cramming for finals and completely burnt out when snow began to fall, and it just kept falling. The next thing you know, most of the fraternities and sororities were outside taking part in a huge snowball fight. It was so much fun.

-Karrie Kirk, Class of 1996


When I think of winters living on campus, I remember how windy it was coming out of Stevenson B tower. You would get blasted by wind as soon as you stepped outside!  But we had so much fun in the field outside, playing football in the snow and running around in our six layers of pants and sweatshirts since none of us had any real outdoor winter gear. No one cared that we were soaked from head to toe, though, because we were laughing too hard.

-Sandi, Class of 2008


As a student back in 1980, I relied on the bus service, especially during bad weather. We were having a January snow of some significance, but the campus was open and I went to class like the dutiful student that I was. When I got to the HSC after class to catch my bus, there were many students standing around but absolutely no busses, which was really odd. I could not imagine walking home in the weather we were experiencing. A large knot of bus-dependent students were standing around outside and waiting for a good 20 minutes. We all stood staring up the street through the thick falling snow, waiting and waiting. Then suddenly one bus turned onto Carroll Street and everyone was straining their eyes to see which route it was for. But wait, another turned onto Carroll and then another! There must have been 5 busses that suddenly appeared all at once and came toward the cold throng of students. At this moment a student behind me started humming the theme from Apocalypse Now when the helicopters are approaching the beach (the piece is called Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner). Because of that clever student's fine humming, I will never forget that day and the laugh it brought to me as we were rescued from the storm. 

-Kristi Misic, Class of 1982(B.S.) & 1991(M.S.)


My birthday fell on the first day of the crazy snowstorm in February of 2011. I was planning on going out to celebrate, but since there was an intense amount of snow (I don't know the exact measurements, but it looked like more than five feet piled up against our door), we had to rethink our plans. My friends ended up putting together an impromptu party for me instead, and it was a really great time! While I know the snowstorm wasn’t the best situation, having a day or two off of school for my birthday was a nice treat that year!

-Allison Lesnau, Class of 2012




What are your memories of the Huskie Holidays you've spent at NIU? Share them with us!




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