Guidelines For Using Donor Funds

Allowable Expenditures

The following expenditures from appropriately designated funds held at the Foundation are allowable:

(These are examples only and individual cases would be assessed by the University and the Foundation.)

  • Events, meals, visits, etc. exclusively aimed at the cultivation, recognition, or stewardship of private gifts for NIU. NOTE: Events with a preponderance of internal or staff attendees will not be funded with donor dollars.
  • Events for student recognition provided the recognition is not related to his or her employment at NIU (i.e. role as a student worker)
  • Travel reimbursements exceeding state limits, to the extent these cannot be processed through the University with appropriate explanations
  • Cost of hosting faculty and graduate student candidates, to the extent these are not allowable by state travel regulations
  • Cost of legitimate moving expenses for new employees, to the extent these are not allowable under state rules. Remember that PRIOR approval must be requested to reimburse any moving expenses.


More detailed descriptions of allowable expenditures can be found in the NIU Foundation Guidelines for Use of Donor Funds.


For more information, contact the NIU Foundation Financial Services team.

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