Anna Bross


Anna Bross

Came to NIU to play under the Avalon Quartet


When I was three years old, I saw someone playing the viola, and I told my mom I wanted one. I’ve been playing ever since, and I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have music in my life. There’s always something to learn, always a new way to interpret a piece you love.


I looked at a lot of schools before I came to NIU. I grew up in the DeKalb area and my mom works here, so I was definitely looking for something different. I wanted to find a place where I could really be challenged. I wanted to be able to play with musicians who weren’t just teachers, but also performers.


I wanted to find a place to be challenged. And then I found out about the Avalon Quartet.


They are the reason I’m here.


I couldn’t believe NIU had a group like this, and that students like me get to work one-on-one with world-renowned musicians. It’s an honor, a challenge, and a thrill to learn from them. And the fact that I ended up liking NIU so much and making so many good friends here is just icing on the cake.





“I wanted to find a place to be challenged. Then I found out about the Avalon. They are the reason I’m at NIU.” Anna

Anna Bross chose NIU over other nationally renowned schools for the opportunity to play under the tutelage of the Avalon Quartet. She is a music major specializing in the viola and plans to pursue a career performing and teaching music.

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