Endowment Opportunities

Named Endowment Opportunities

Endowments generate earnings, a portion of which supports scholarships, teaching, programming, research, the libraries, and athletics. The principal is invested for the long term, sustaining Northern throughout even the most uncertain times. You can direct your gift to support a particular interest or to be used where the need is greatest.





Minimum Level: $1 million


The highest honor that can be bestowed on a faculty member, the endowed chair provides an eminent scholar with salary support as well as additional sums to fund graduate assistant salaries, secretarial support, course development and travel.





Range: $500,000 - $750,000


Professorship: Normally awarded to tenured faculty who are distinguished in scholarship, teaching, and research. Supplements departmental support for salary, research, and travel.


Term Professorship: Rotates for terms of three to five years among resident senior faculty in recognition of teaching excellence within a department or school.


Research Professorship: Offers the university or college the flexibility to identify research needs by recognizing faculty on either an extended, short-term, or rotating basis.


Assistant Professorship: Supports rising stars by rewarding non-tenured or newly tenured faculty who have distinguished themselves as they start on tenure tracks.





Minimum Level: $250,000


Established within a department, college, or discipline and held by distinguished faculty from other institutions.





Minimum Level: $100,000


Will enable the college to retain regionally and nationally recognized experts to participate in a lecture series to benefit faculty and students in the college.





Minimum Level: $25,000


Endowed scholarships provide financial assistance to students of academic merit and/or financial need. Merit scholarships help Northern compete for the best and brightest students.


Scholarships also make an NIU education affordable. Today is one of the most difficult times in history to finance an education. Donor support often is the difference between a student graduating or having to leave school.

Student scholarships are administered by the NIU Scholarship Office. 





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