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Endowment Listing



Accountancy Alumni Professorship

DeKalb Genetics Foundation Scholarship

Brian Deets Memorial Endowment in Accountancy, The

Patrick R. Delaney Endowed Accountancy Scholarship
Dean and Brenda DuCray Excellence Fund in Accountancy
William F Doyle Endowed Professorship in Accountancy
Ernst & Young Leadership & Professional Development Center

Jim and Kathy Hendricks Endowed Scholarship in Accountancy
Donald & Donna Keiso Endowed Scholarship in Accountancy

Arthur J. Krupp Scholarship Fund
KPMG Endowed Professorship in Accountancy

Ben Peters Endowed Memorial Accountancy Scholarship Remembered by KPMG & Friends, The
Edward A. & Debra S. Rosenow Endowed Scholarship in Accountancy

Michael and Patricia Strachan Excellence in Accountancy Scholarship

The William and Dian Taylor Endowed Scholarship in Accountancy

Sally Webber Scholarship in Accountancy


Athletics Excellence Fund

Carl Appell Memorial Scholarship

Baynas Football Scholarship Fund

Julius E. & Joycelyn Grolla Brasini Student Endowment for Athletics, The

Broderick-Andres Award, The

Castle Bank NA Endowed Scholarship

Glyn E. Barron Memorial Scholarship

Lloyd Devereaux Scholarship Fund

Howard Fletcher Endowed Football Scholarship

John and Kathryn Groth Scholarship

Timothy E. Gullikson Endowed Education Scholarship

Rich Harvest Invitational Fund for Excellence, The

Anneda "Sis" and Leonard Jacobson Memorial Scholarship

Bill Johnson Memorial Fund

Debora J. Korcek Memorial Scholarship

Dr. W. L. Moore Memorial Scholarship

Jack Pheanis Scholarship

James Schwarzbach Scholarship Fund

Ralph J. Thomas Scholarship Fund

John Tucker Memorial Fund

Gary L. Whisler Memorial Football Scholarship Fund

David and Carolyn Witheft Student Athlete Scholarship Fund, The



Caroline Allrutz Scholarship, The

Elizabeth Allen Visiting Art Scholars Endowment, The

Jack and Margaret Arends Memorial Scholarship

Jim Asbury Memorial Art Scholarship

James P. Bates Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dorathea & Richard Beard Scholarship for the Arts

Dorothea Bilder Endowed Fine Arts Studio Scholarship Fund

Peg Bond Art Education Scholarship

Frances Gates Memorial Art Scholarship Fund

Richard A. Keefer Art Scholarship Fund

John X. Koznarek Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dimitri Liakos Endowment in Art History

Joyce L. Marcus Endowed Art History Scholarship Fund, The

Helen Merritt Art Endowment

Cora Miner Art Scholarship Fund
Virginia "Gingie" Noe Memorial Scholarship Fund in Art Endowment

Jack and Eleanor Olson Art Scholarship, The

Marilyn Sjoholm Student Scholarship for Fine Art

Lester K. Smith Endowed Creative Art Scholarship
A Bond & Margaret F Woodruff Scholarship


Biological Sciences

Alumni Scholarship in Biological Sciences

Harvey A. Feyerherm Award

Dr. August M. Gorenz Scholarship

Dennis Larsen Memorial Scholarship in Biology

David R. Layman Endowed Scholarship in Biology, The

David R. Layman Endowment for Science Lectures, The

Charles E. Montgomery Award, The

David and Karen Nargis Student Scholarship in Biology, The

George L. Terwilliger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jerrold H. Zar Endowed Scholarship in Biology


Campus Child Care

Anne C. Kaplan Fund


Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Clark & Arlene Neher Endowment for Southeast Asian Studies

May Kyi Win Memorial Endowment Library Fund

Thai Teaching & Research Endowment Fund


Chemistry and Biochemistry

NIU Chemistry Club Edwards-Hyland Award, The

Chemistry Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship Fund, The

Kevin Cull Memorial Fund

John D. Graham Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rosalie Reynolds Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry, The

Van Acker-Duminy-Kovarik Scholarship Fund


College of Business-General

Dennis and Stacey Barsema Endowed Scholarship in Business, The

Randall N. Beck Memorial Scholarship

William and Eileen Breitzke Endowed Scholarship in Business

College of Business Fund for Faculty & Staff Excellence

College of Business Fund for Professional Development of Students

College of Business Fund for Technological Innovation

CNA/AZEL Carter, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Crocker Endowment for Business

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship in Business

Herb Eldean Scholarship Fund

NIU Executive Club Endowed Scholarship

David & Diane Graf College of Business Rockford Endowed Scholarship Fund, The

Ruth G. Hart Memorial Fund

Donald R. Larson Endowed Scholarship in Business

Jeffrey B. Lollar Endowed Memorial Scholarship

David and Linda Nelson Endowed Business Scholarship

Dan Parmenter Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rita C. Patti Student Endowment for the College of Business
Rick Ridnour Endowed Scholarship in Business

Harry Wright Endowed Scholarship in Business at Northern Illinois University


College of Education-General

Iris Adam Memorial Endowment Fund

Ada Grimwood Barnard Memorial Fund

Martin H. and Verna Conklin Bartels Memorial Scholarship Fund in Education

Penelope Cameron College of Education Scholarship Fund, The

Circle of Gold Scholarship - Classes of 1949, 1950,1951,1952,1953

College of Education Endowment for School/University Partnership
Marian Elliott Scholarship Fund

Maureen McLaughlin Devereaux Scholarship Fund
Early Childhood Studies Program Endowment

Education Retirees Endowment Fund

Dorothy A. & Glenn E. Erickson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Julianna Gehant Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Keith R. Getschman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jessie Griffith Memorial Fund

Raymond M. Haas and Harriet Cords Harrington Haas Scholarship Fund

John Robert Hainds Distinguished Professorship

Dr. Ernest E. Hanson Memorial Scholarship, The

Elizabeth Klaus Hatch & Donald L Hatch Jr Scholarship

Nancy E. Henn Memorial Scholarship 

Earl and Margaret Hoffmann Endowed Scholarship in Elementary Education, The

Horvath Family Fund

Dr. John H. Johansen Scholarship Fund

Tony and Carolyn Kambich Educational Endowment Fund

Dr. Laurence A. Mack Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jim and Helen Merritt Fund for Philosophy of Education
LD and Ruth G. Morgridge Endowed Chair in Teacher Education and Preparation, The Julia Calliss Morris Scholarship

Linda & David Nelson School-Based Liaisons Fund
David Raymond-Technology in Teaching - Endowment
Samuel & Adelaide Rockwood Scholarship Fund

Grace Y. Rose Scholarship in Education

Eunice B. Schwemm Scholarship Fund

Thomas R. and Shirley Klein Scott Scholarship Fund

Christine K. Sorensen Endowment for Academic Excellence

Rista Simich Memorial Education Scholarship Fund, The

Teacher Education Scholarship Fund

Nancy M. Vedral Scholarship Fund

Donald G. and Helen Gum Westlake Endowed Grant Fund

James and Moke Chee Wolter Scholarship Fund


College of Law

Jacob Backer Scholarship Award for the study of Constitutional Law, The

Russell E. Burns Scholarship

Kenneth C. Chessick Civil Justice Endowed Scholarship Program, The

Carl W. Cicero Endowed Fund

Clover Family Endowment for Community Service and Volunteerism, The

Honorable Richard Neil DeGunther, Sr. Endowed Merit Scholarship Fund for the Study of Law, The

Dan DeWilde and Andrea DeWilde Award for the Study of Evidence Law, The

E. J. "Zeke" Giorgi Memorial Scholarship Fund, The

Justice Thurgood Marshall Memorial Fund

Francis G. Mays Memorial Endowment Fund, The

Brian E. & Tamra A. McGough Fund

Hope Moller Scholarship Award for the Study of Tort Law, The

Brewster Parker Memorial Fund, The

Francis X. Riley Fund, The

Lakisha Sarden Scholarship Award for the Study of Civil Procedure Law, The


College of Liberal Arts/Sciences- General

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Program Initiative Fund

Focused Interest Groups (FIGS) Program

John Robert Hainds Distinguised Professorship

Dr. Frederick L. Kitterle Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program

Dr. Frederick L. Kitterle Memorial Scholarship Fund

Raymond G. Smerge/Centex CLAS Program Initiative Fund Endowment

Raymond G. and Patricia A. Smerge Endowed Dean's Chair in Liberal Arts and Sciences, The

Elizabeth J. Schwantes Undergraduate Scholars Fund

Jerrold H. Zar Endowed Scholarship in Science Education


College of Visual and Performing Arts

College of Visual and Performing Arts - Endowment

Stuart D. Fink Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship Fund, The

O'Malley-Pugh Endowment Fund

Rosebud Foundation Endowment for VPA
Sally Stevens Scholarships in the Arts, The
Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship



Professor Avi Bass Endowment for Journalism Travel Grants

John Clogston Memorial Scholarship, The

Martha Cooper Memorial Endowment for Support of Instruction in Graduate Teaching, The

Donald R. Grubb Scholarship Fund
Josephine Korcek Memorial Scholarship Endowment

NIU Media Award, The

Ann Nelson Nahas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Granville and Eleanor Price Scholarship Fund, The

Public Relations Student Society of America Award Fund

Van Sells Memorial Endowment in Communication, The

Kenneth Smith Memorial Fund

Emeritus Professor Al Walker Visiting Professional Fund

Margaret Louise Wood Rhetoric Scholarship Fund, The


Computer Science

Evelyn S. Nelson Computer Science Endowment


Counseling and Student Development

Florence E. Doyle Memorial


Counseling, Adult & Higher Education

Phyllis M. Cunningham Endowed Social Justice Fund

John A. Niemi Memorial Scholarship for Travel

John & Muriel Niemi Endowed Professorship in Adult Education

Dr. Orville Jones Memorial

Wesley I. Schmidt Scholarship

Robert M. Smith Memorial Scholarship in Adult Learning



Skeels Scholarship in Economics


Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

Robert H. Bauernfeind Memorial Fund

Dr. James Douglas Gott Scholarship

Alice H. Hicks Teachers' Education Fund


Engineering & Engineering Technology

Carter-Rodriguez Endowed Scholarship in Engineering, The

Dennis Cesarotti Memorial Endowed Scholarship

ETAS Endowment Scholarship
The Romualdas Kasuba and Nijole Kasuba Endowed Scholarship

Anthony L. Manne Endowed Scholarship Fund In Engineering Technology, The

"Doc" and Betty Newell Endowed Engineering Scholarship Fund, The

OMRON Electronics Scholarship
Max Zar Endowed Scholarship in Engineering



S. Orville & Adra Baker English Scholarship Fund, The

Russell and Jeanne Durning Family Fund

Patricia L. Francis Award Fund

Jenefer M. Giannasi English Endowment

John C. and Judith M. Gurley Endowed English Scholarship

Jeannie A. Hainds English Endowment, The

Charles W. Hagelman, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Rosalie Hewitt Scholarship Fund in English

Richard H. Howland Memorial Scholarship Fund

David and Linda Nelson Endowed English Scholarship

Harlan R. Teller Dissertation Award in English

Gustaaf Van Cromphout Dissertation Support Scholarship, The

Lynne M. Waldeland Scholarship in English Fund



Clifford Danielson Scholarship Fund

Dennis Dean Endowed Scholarship

Finance Department Database Endowment

James & Karen Hayman Scholarship
Jones, Diedrich, Mennie Endowed Professorship in Finance

Thomas L. Mann Endowed Scholarship in Finance

Treasury Management Association of America

William Wilbur Endowed Scholarship in Finance


Foreign Language and Literature

Joseph Suhadolc



Richard E. Dahlberg Scholarship Fund

William Morris Davis Endowment for Graduate Research in Geography, The

Meteorology Academic Achievement & Scholarship Endowment


Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Casella Field Camp Fund

Brian Fugiel Memorial Fund in Geology and Environmental Sciences

Samuel S. Goldich Fund

Mobil Oil Endowment for Geophysics
Carla Montgomery Graduate Scholarship in Geochemistry

Carla Montgomery Undergraduate Scholarship in Geology
Ira Edgar Odom Fund in Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Malcolm P. Weiss Fund
John R. Young Memorial Scholarship in Geology


Graduate Studies

Graduate Deans' Fund

McHenry County Mental Health Resource League Scholarship


Health & Human Sciences

Joan Good Erickson Undergraduate Award

Cletus G. Fisher Endowment Scholarship Fund
Celine Neptune Memorial Scholarship

Helen Gum Westlake and Donald G. Westlake Scholarship for Family Life Studies
Health and Human Sciences Faculty Awards Endowment Fund

Izzo-Inge Family Endowment for Students with Disabilities

Rosebud Foundation Endowment
Georgianna Sie Memorial Scholarship

Peggy Sullivan Endowed Faculty Research Fund


Health Enhancement

Toni Lotsoff Primary Prevention Endowment



Jeannie A. Hainds History Endowment, The

Earl W. Hayter Graduate History Endowment

W. Bruce Lincoln Lecture Fund

Marvin Rosen Endowed Scholarship Fund

James R. Shirley History Endowment

Dr. David Wagner Endowment

J. Patrick White History Education Endowment, The

Alfred F. Young Graduate History Endowment


International Studies

Lillian Pauline Cobb Endowment Fund

International Students Opportunity Fund

John and Lili LaTourette Scholarship for International Studies

Clara Sperling Memorial Scholarship Fund


Kinesiology and Physical Education

Miriam Anderson Scholarship Fund

Linda Kay Barnes Scholarship Fund

Judith A. Bischoff Endowed Scholarship Fund, The

Margaret Duncan Physical Education Scholarship

Al Kranz Student Athletic Trainer Scholarship

Elizabeth C. Lane Exercise Physiology Laboratory Research Fund

Elizabeth C. Lane Ph.D. and M. Nadine Zimmerman Ph.D. Endowed Kinesiology and Physical Education Professorship

Lou Jean Moyer Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth A. Patterson Scholarship Fund, The

Physical Education Scholarship

Sharon Ann Plowman Physical Fitness/Exercise Physiology Endowed Research Fund

Dr. M. Joan Popp Endowed Scholarship Fund

Stroup-Dunn Endowed Scholarship Fund


Latino and Latin American Studies

Robert Marcelin Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Leadership, Education, Psychology & Foundation

Ruth and Harold Blackwell History of Education Fund

Harold "Rip" Collins Scholarship Fund

Crowell Education Scholarship Fund

James and Colleen Johnson Family Fund

Educational Philosphy Fund

Kathleen Sheehy Katz for the One Room School House Endowment

Romeo M. Zulauf Memorial

Sigma Phi Epsilon Incoming Student Scholarship Fund


Learning Center

Mary F. English Technology Award Fund



Joseph Harry Scholarship Endowment



Horatio Alger Society Repository

S. Orville & Adra Baker Library Endowment, The

DeKalb Genetics Foundation Endowment

Friends of the NIU Library

Gildemeister Library Endowment, The

Donn V Hart Memorial

Bernadine C. Hanby Memorial Fund, The

Tom and Deanne Holzberlein Endowment

Gordon W & Jeanne M Huber Endowed Fund

Takashi Ikemoto Memorial Award

Martin I. Kallich Endowment

Bill and Jo Monat Library Endowment

Dr. Carla Montgomery Two Millionth Volume Library Endowment, The

Dr. James B. Pick and Dr. Rosalyn Laudati Endowment for the Northern Illinois University Libraries

Gordon & Virginia Rasmussen & Friends Music Library Endowment, The

Nancy and Thomas H. Roberts, Jr. Endowment for Southeast Asian Studies Collection

Veterans Book Memorial

Katherine Walker Library Work Scholar Award, The
Margaret Weith Endowment Fund

Russell and Betty Wood Library Endowment


Literacy Education

Curriculum and Instruction Endowment

Ruth A. Eismann Endowment

Jerry Johns Literacy Presentation Award Fund, The

James and Moke Chee Wolter Scholarship for Reading Assessment and Tutoring Services



Gladys M Bahr Memorial



William and Eileen Breitzke Endowed Scholarship in Marketing

Michael T. McSweeney Direct Marketing Scholarship


Mathematical Sciences

Merlyn J. Behr Award in Mathematics Education

Dorothy & Glenn Erickson Math Endowment

Gail Masters Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clarence Ethel Hardgrove Endowed Mathematics Scholarship Fund, The

Eugene W. Hellmich Mathematics Prize Scholarship, The

Joseph C. and Marion E. Huber Memorial Scholarship

Dale G. Jungst Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics Education

Number Theory Endowment in Mathematical Sciences

Donald R. Ostberg Mathematics Memorial Fund

Norma K. Stelford Memorial Mathematics Endowment

Margariete Montague Wheeler Memorial Fund



Constance Eloise Aagesen Endowed Scholarship Fund, The

Charles Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund, The

Samuel E. Bradt & Bertha Glidden Bradt Memorial Fund, The

Brody Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Paul Busija Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clark Family Endowed Scholarship in Music Fund

Norman S. and Marion D. Gilbert Endowed Scholarship in Music and Education

Robert R. and Frances A. Green Endowed Scholarship in Music, The

Earl and Margaret Hoffmann Endowed Student Scholarship in Music, The

Janet and A. Oscar Haugland Scholarship in Music Composition or Music Theory

William Kalber Marching Band Student Scholarship

Richard A. Keefer Music Scholarship Fund

Andrew Lyle & Mary Kennedy Scholarship Fund in Music

William M. and Ruth H. Koehler Piano Scholarship Fund

Jane Jenkins Lovering Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ron Modell Scholarship Endowment in Jazz Studies, The

Music Organ Endowment

Maude Nicholson Music Scholarship Fund

Ruth Ashelford Pollock NIU Athletics Bands Endowed Scholarship Fund

Wilbur and Carmen Pursley Endowed Scholarship in Music, The

Kolze-Rasmussen Music Scholarship

Richard O. Ryan Endowed Chair in Violin

Diane Ragains Slawin Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Music

Wilbur A. and Dorothy S. Smith Clarinet Scholarship, The

Lester K. Smith Endowed Creative Music Scholarship

Alfred L. & Shirley K. Tobias Scholarship Fund, The

Lester Trilla Scholarship Fund

Lynne M. Waldeland Endowed Fund for Choral Music

Lynne M. Waldeland Scholarship in Vocal Music

Donald L. Walker Living Legacy Scholarship Fund

Reynolds Whitney Memorial Scholarship Fund

Farny R. Wurlitzer Music Scholarship Fund

Jerrold H. Zar Endowed Scholarship in Trumpet Studies


Nursing & Health Studies
Shirley A. Benson Scholarship Endowment School of Nursing and Health Studies

Helen A. Cearlock Distinguished Nurse Lectureship

Margaret Murrin Christiano Endowed Student Scholarship for Nursing, The

Dr. Irving and Rosanne K. Frank Scholarship in Nursing, The

Harold W. Finney and Janet P. Finney Medical Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marian Frerichs Nursing Scholarship Fund, The

Roseanne Krcek-Frank Award Fund

Sarah S. Fuller Memorial Clinical Research Award

Ruth I. Hall Endowed Nursing Scholarship
The David R. Layman Endowment for Tri-County Community Health Center

Annette Lefkowitz Fund for Nursing Research

Jane Richards Scholarship Fund

Phyllis L. Ross Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Tri-County Community Health Center Endowment

Gisella Wenner Nursing Endowment


Military Science

Ruth Ashelford Pollock Scholarship

Ruth Ashelford Pollock Scholarship for Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterns of the U.S. Military


Operation Management & Information Systems

William and Eileen Breitzke Endowed Scholarship in OMIS



C. Mason and Madeline Myers Graduate Philosophy Fund

JoAnne Rafalson Memorial Essay Contest Endowment



Eaton-Miner Physics Education Fund


Political Science

Martin David Dubin Memorial Scholarship in International Relations, The
Morton J. Frisch Student Travel Fellowship

Inez Nelson Family Scholarship Endowment

John G. and Barbara C. Peters Student Endowment for Public Service, The

Thomas C. Wiegele Memorial Fund

Joe R. Wilkinson Memorial Fund, The



Dr. Gary Coover Travel Fund for Graduate Students

Joe and Karen Grush Endowed Scholarship in Psychology and Nursing

Ryanne Mace Memorial Scholarship Fund
A Bond & Margaret F Woodruff Scholarship


Public Administration

James M. and Audrey M. Banovetz Fellowship

John Morris Memorial Scholarship in Public Administration, The



Waldo Burchard for Graduate Scholarship

Frances Rowe Katz Award

David P. Street Memorial



Carol J. Feltz Memorial Scholarship


Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Campbell-Thompson Northern Star Scholarship

Erickson-Doherty Student Leadership Travel Endowment

Kevin D. Knight Student Leadership Award

David Onak Northern Star Scholarship Fund

Kathy Orr McDonald Memorial Award for Editorial Excellence

Mortar Board Endowed Scholarship Fund for Outstanding Juniors, The

NIU Parents' Association Endowed Scholarship

Sigma Phi Epsilon Incoming Student Scholarship Fund


Teaching and Learning

A. Kerby and Helene Tink Teacher Education Endowment Fund

Lawrence B. Hapeman Scholarship Fund

James & Karen Hayman Scholarship in Education


Theatre and Dance

Alexander F. Adducci Special Projects Fund

The Richard L. Arnold Silver Endowment: Special Projects

Adra and Orville Baker Theatre Scholarship Fund, The

Walter "Biff" Dewey Memorial Fund in Theatre Arts

Lila Hellier Dole Dance Scholarship

Lili and John LaTourette Scholarship for Theatre

René LeBeau Memorial Endowed Scholarship, The

Sydney Smith Memorial


University Honors Program

Ari and Ruth Kovacevich Distinguished Scholarship Fund

James L. Massey Endowed Honors Scholarship, The

Dick Noreen Honors Scholarship


Women's Studies

Mother's Memorial Endowment Scholarship


GENERAL (Not college or major specific)

Karl Adams Scholarship

Alverda A. Bastian Endowment Memorial Scholarship for Worthy Students

Alexa Rae Bertram Scholarship

Gladys Brook Beltzer Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Callahan Love for a Lifetime Scholarship

Class of 1960

Maurine Bloomster Coxhead Memorial Scholarship Fund, The

Joseph and Rose Costa Endowed Scholarship Fund

Irene Crofton Scholarship

Jeanette M. Doweiko Endowed Memorial Scholarship, The

John Reed Dunn Memorial Endowed Scholarship
William F Doyle Endowed Scholarship Fund

February 14th Fund for the Forward Together Forward Scholars, The

James Fletcher Memorial Scholarship Program

Paul E. Gipson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Chief Richard Gunther Firefighters Endowed Scholarship

Marion C. Hayes Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gail A. and James E. Hickey Endowed Scholarship

Leslie A. Holmes Memorial Fund

Josephine Jandell Scholarship

Dolores Lamb Scholarship
Howard T Lanan & Evelyn M Lanan Endowment for Excellence

Anna Larson and Mary Jane Larson Baird Endowed Scholarship Fund
Everett & Helen Marshall

Wayne E. McCleery Scholarship

Beryl R. James Merit Scholarship Fund

Helen R. Messenger Scholarship, The

Nelson Unvierstiy Scholarship Endowment

Grace E. Nix Scholarship
Operating Staff Dependent Endowed Scholarship

Daniel Parmenter Memorial Student Scholarship Fund - Northern Star

Warner and Lora Kays Pomerene Memorial Fund

Presidential Public Policy Lecture Series Endowment, The

Janis Priede Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elzo T. Schutt & Helen R. Schutt Scholarship Fund

Orla Grace Triteline Scholarship Fund
Richard L. Taylor Scholarship Endowment

Sigma Phi Epsilon Incoming Student Scholarship Fund

University Press Endowment

Wheeler Memorial Endowed Scholarships, The

Mary Williams Memorial Fund

Melvin Ben Wilson Memorial Fund

Woodstock Center Endowment Fund


Student scholarships are administered by the NIU Scholarship Office.

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