Jaymie & Harry Simmon


Jaymie and Harry Simmon


Jaymie: Research is a key ingredient in the university's future, and it is brilliant that NIU has made engaged learning a top priority. Providing students research opportunities will change the course of their academic experiences and will prepare them to go out and make our world better. When our students look back, I know they will remember that NIU is where they got their start.


We are so proud of our university and especially our students. It's a privilege to be involved.


Jaymie and Harry Simmon were inspired by some of our best and brightest when they attended Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day. They viewed more than 120 student presentations, including several from participants in the Research Rookies program. They were so impressed with the students’ work and the Rookies Program, they were inspired to help.


As a result of that visit, they made a significant gift to provide scholarship and program support for future Research Rookies.







“Simmons' Scholars exemplify intellectual curiosity and dedication to the discovery of knowledge.” Julia Spears-Director, Engaged Learning


The Simmons' giving history spans more than a decade and includes generous gifts to the Barsema and Alumni Visitors Center; endowments in VP&A; the NIU Organic Theater partnership; and the Research Rookies program. Both Jaymie and Harry are active volunteers, and Jaymie is Vice Chair of the NIU Foundation Board.

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