Kristen Birtell

Kristen Birtell


Kristen Birtell

Three jobs, student loans, and a 'huge calendar'


Without my scholarship, I wouldn't be able to make my way through school. I live at home because I wouldn't be able to afford the dorms or an apartment. I don't eat out often. Even my waitressing tip money all goes to my education.


Thanks to Bob and Mary English, I received a laptop for my lesson planning and student teaching. I'll never forget the day I got it. Everyone who won the award met as a group, and they trained us on the software we'd be using as teachers. Afterwards, we all carried our laptops out to our cars. We were so excited. It's nice to know that there are people standing behind me willing to help. I'll never forget my scholarship donors' generosity. It motivates me to do everything I can to succeed.


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“My donors' generosity motivates me to do everything I can to succeed.” Kristen


Kristen is a senior studying elementary education. She is a grateful recipient of the Mary F. English Technology Award, a program that provides laptops, supplies, and training to disadvantaged education majors each year.


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