Telefund students


The NIU Huskie Telefund is the largest source of alumni engagement for Northern Illinois University. Our dedicated student fundraisers work to gain private support from alumni, parents, and friends of NIU while updating our records, and providing a personal connection to Northern.


With 24 calling stations, two team leaders and six student managers, the telefund employs over 50 students in their fundraising efforts for NIU. Our student fundraisers call six evenings per week, making an average of 2,500 calls each night to contact our ever-growing base of alumni.


Thanks to our hardworking students, the telefund helps the Northern Fund annually secure around $1 million from over 7,000 loyal alumni, parents, and friends of NIU.


The telefund is responsible for bringing in over half of all dollars raised through the Northern Fund, and those who give through the telefund make up 80 percent of all Northern Fund donors. Your gift matters to us in a BIG way!


Star Caller of the Month

Alex Gallivan, Our Student Caller of the Month

Alex Gallivan

Fast Facts

Start Date: August 11, 2011
Dollars raised: $29,131
Total Pledges: 368
Pledge rate: 50 percent
Shift: Monday/Wednesday
Favorite color: Red (Huskie Red, specifically)
Major: Marketing

What makes Alex such a star caller?


His team leaders say:  “Alex is very personable and friendly on the phone. He can talk to just about anyone and is a master of rapport. He is always learning and improving!”


3 in 3: Three questions in 3 minutes

(We kept our interview with Alex brief so he could get back on the phones! But we think we got some good answers anyway. )

Favorite part of working at the telefund: “Well, the atmosphere is really great, it’s such a nice place to work and get experience for my career. But what I really love is getting advice from the alumni on the phone. I always ask them for ‘words from the wise’ for students and those of us who will be graduating soon. I think it’s cool what alumni have done with their degrees after they leave NIU. I’ve even had people offer me jobs!”

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  I wanted to be a marine biologist. I started going to school for that, actually. But the people here in the College of Business talked so highly of the program that it convinced me to change gears. Four out of five of my jobs have been in sales, too, so it was just a better road for me to go down. I’ve got my minor in environmental sciences, though, so I can work in the ‘green’ aspect of business down the road.”

If you had to choose the single most valuable thing you’ve learned, what would it be? Respect people how you want to be respected.

"The telefund is responsible for bringing in over half of all dollars raised through the Northern Fund..your gift matters to us in a BIG way!" 

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