Frequently Asked Questions about Annual Giving

1. NIU is a state-supported university. Why does it need my help?

State funding provides the necessary support for a basic education, but private support supplements these dollars and allows for many special programs, scholarships, fellowships, research efforts and building projects that enhance our students' educational experience and would not otherwise be financially possible.


2. Why is it important to give annually?

Annual gifts through the Northern Fund make it possible each year for our colleges and departments to buy new equipment, award scholarships, send students to conferences, and fund ground-breaking research initiatives. These annual gifts help to sustain the growth of our university.


3. Do you only ask alumni for gifts?

Besides encouraging our alumni to give back, we also reach out to parents of our current NIU students, as well as friends of the university to help promote excellence at NIU.


4. Are those really students that call me to ask for my support?

Yes! Our very own Huskie Telefund employs over 50 students to help connect our alumni, parents, and friends back to the university. Our student callers are trained and rewarded for their excellent communication skills, and they genuinely enjoy speaking to you about your experiences and time at Northern.


5. What are the benefits of making a gift to the Northern Fund?

Aside from the personal satisfaction you’ll get from knowing you’ve made a difference in the lives of thousands of students, you can also rest assured that all gifts made to NIU are tax-deductible. You will also receive a thank-you phone call from one of our students, as well as a Thank you card or email at the end of the year!

"Your annual gift helps sustain and promote excellence at NIU."

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