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Message from the President


Opportunity is everywhere at NIU. We see it in our labs, where undergraduates work with professors on groundbreaking discoveries. It’s in classrooms throughout our region, where student teachers experience the challenge, and reward, of working with young minds. We see it in internships and in groups of undergraduates working on real-life solutions for businesses and industry.


Many of these opportunities are a direct result of private support.


The people whose stories you'll read on this Website are changing Northern Illinois University with their energy, hard work, and through their gifts to others. And we've hardly scratched the surface. This is only a small sampling of the incredible people who are NIU today.


For every person whose story we share on this site, there are hundreds more people like them, ready to seize their opportunities.


Creating life-changing opportunities for our hardworking, dedicated students and faculty is our highest priority. Thousands of donors support us in our mission.


NIU donors are helping change the world...starting by changing students' lives.

Mike Malone 

Michael P. Malone

President & CEO

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