Guidelines For Using Donor Funds

Prohibited Expenditures

Payments made with funds held at the Foundation need to be used for the benefit of NIU and must follow all Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

That is why the Foundation cannot provide funds for:

  • Events with a preponderance of internal or staff attendees (If you have questions, send agenda, program, and intended guest list to the NIU Foundation Financial Services team in advance).
  • Student appreciation and recognition events at which the recognition is related  to students’ employment at NIU (i.e. role as a student worker) 

  • Gift cards
  • Employee gifts, including retirement gifts
  • Contributions to other nonprofit organizations
  • Parking tickets
  • Goods and services to avoid the State bid processes
  • Retirement dinners or flowers for funerals of former department employees, unless the Foundation account or donor documentation is explicit that the donor intended the funds to be used for such purposes
  • Donations or memorial gifts to non-profit organizations
  • Upgrades to first-class travel where such upgrades are not allowable under University travel regulations


More detailed descriptions of prohibited expenditures can be found in the NIU Foundation Guidelines for Use of Donor Funds.


For more information, contact the NIU Foundation Financial Services team.

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